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Biotechnology and/or biomedical companies may be eligible for R&D tax credits for performing qualified research activities. For example, the following activities may be eligible for R&D tax credits:

  • Technical research, design, development, and experimentation on medical and/or biological application solutions (e.g. biomining, ethanol extraction, fungicide applications , DNA sequencing, therapies, treatments, vaccinations) 

  • Development of biomining bacteria 

  • Development of fungicide protection of agricultural 

  • Development of resource extraction techniques (e.g. generation of alternative energy / biofuels)

  • Discovery and development of new methods and/or protocols for medical product and/or process delivery

  • Developing new therapeutic drugs, compounds, or molecules used in synthesis experiments

  • Developing alternative energy biofuels, feed, or applications from plant derivatives

  • Developing techniques to validate medical therapies

  • Developing prototype batches of new products, biomedical devices, and/or therapies for testing and validation

  • Developing new applications for existing drugs and/or therapies

  • Developing multi-application synthetic microbes

  • Developing biosimilars relating to advanced biologics, assays, product efficacy, and testing protocols

  • Developing disease and/or insect resistant agriculture products

  • Performing clinical trials and experimentation pursuant to government regulatory requirements prior to commercialization

  • Developing technology for compliance with EPA requirements

  • Designing packaging and/or storage materials pursuant to technical constraints (e.g. sterilization)

  • Designing new and/or improved manufacturing processes to reduce waste and improve throughput production

  • Designing prototype biomedical device(s) and/or evaluation of alternative application(s) 

  • Designing and/or developing biomedical software for enhanced diagnostics or treatment

  • Reformulation of existing drug(s) to reduce side effects and/or dosage

  • Designing and/or developing certain hardware and software systems for use in research and clinical development, and medical device equipment used for treating various diseases or medical issues

  • Designing and/or developing a new product development facility or experimentation laboratory where new technology is evaluated or new manufacturing techniques are validated

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