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Why Use AndreTaxCo?

What are the Benefits of Using AndreTaxCo to Perform Your R&D Credit and/or Incentive Study?


AndreTaxCo's comprehensive studies thoroughly explore your company's qualifying activities resulting in more complete and detailed documentation substantiation to mitigate IRS challenges. When encountering Tax Controversy with the IRS, AndreTaxCo has the experience, training, and proficiency to vigorously and effectively represent you.

In general, by using AndreTaxCo you will enjoy the following enhanced benefits as more competitive rates compared to other firms:

  • Perform preliminary analysis of the potential federal and state benefits and costs at no charge.

  • Provide flexible audit defense arrangements.

  • Provide our clients with a unique system of capturing the credits/incentives in the future by offering methodology memos, documentation tracking tools, checklists, etc.

  • Perform both on-site and/or virtual meeting arrangements to perform our documentation analysis and support your specific facts and circumstances supporting your benefit claim(s).

  • Combine both tax law and/or accounting expertise with nearly a decade of specialized R&D tax credit specific documentation and defense experience.

  • Robust proficiency with R&D studies across a wide range of industries including both federal and state jurisdictions.

  • Our analysis integrates into the tax return without undue delays. 

What are the Benefits of Using AndreTaxCo to Resolve Your Tax Controversy (e.g. Audit, Appeals)?


In the case of an IRS and/or state taxing authority audit, AndreTax Co will ensure you are fully prepared and in the best position to defend your claim.  AndreTaxCo's audit experience and in-depth knowledge of evolving tax credit legislation, regulations, and case law authority will help your business develop cost / benefit based strategic documentation practices to defend against IRS and/or state taxing examination.

  • Audit / Exam Defense

    • Representing yourself and/or your business upon audit selection, information documentation requests, and before the Appellate Division of the IRS can adversely impact your team's core tax accounting and/or technical resources in performing its standard business operations, and adversely hinder sustainability of prior and prospective credit claims moving forward.

  • Appeals / Fast Track Mediation

    • Representing yourself during administrative hearings and mediation will likely put you in a distinct disadvantage as your team may not be trained in IRS procedures, tax law accounting, and/or technical documentation substantiation. As such, it is critical to work with expert representation to protect your rights and qualified benefits.

    • In general, disputes between taxpayers and the IRS are often settled during the initial audit documentation requests, or appeals process (mediation), prior to actual tax court litigation. As such, it is imperative to engage a tax professional who understands the procedural dynamics at the Appeals level to avoid more significant costs associated with tax court litigation.​

AndreTaxCo can make an significant impact in the settlement offer from the IRS at the conclusion of the appeals process. Resulting from increasingly limited resources, the IRS has a similar objective as to taxpayers, in avoiding costly litigation because of the time, expense, and risk of an unfavorable outcome. When the IRS loses a case, a precedent may also be established that could impact the government's tax revenue now and for the foreseeable future.


Having a seasoned tax professional (i.e. CPA, tax lawyer, enrolled agent) on your side during the appeals process increases the hazards of litigation perceived by the IRS. To help mitigate the possibility of litigation and expense, as previously mentioned, IRS Appeals Officers are motivated to settle these issues to avoid the additional burdens and costs associated with tax court.

AndreTaxCo will assist you in collecting and organizing your documents, books, and records, including researching and documenting the necessary tax authority to defend the positions under exam. AndreTaxCo will aggressively present your case to the IRS Appeals Officer and zealously negotiate the most advantageous settlement terms possible. 

Why Choose AndreTaxCo?
Dollar Notes
Superior Value

Our clients choose AndreTaxCo because of its superior value and technical expertise at more competitive rates as compared to other public accounting, tax law firms, or boutique consulting practices.


AndreTaxCo's ability to fully identify, prepare, and defend all material income tax incentives opportunities (both quantitatively and qualitatively), to maximize our cost-effective value-add services, helps separate us from other higher cost traditional tax professionals. As technology continues to disrupt many business sectors, AndreTaxCo intends to do the same regarding professional tax services.

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Sustainable Benefits

AndreTaxCo's experienced, professional, and comprehensive process helps ensure your company is fully prepared against any tax audit. This includes both previously claimed and future tax saving or cash refund opportunities across a variety of federal and/or state tax benefits.

Many tax accounting and consulting firms intentionally fail to offer or investigate other tax saving opportunity services for its clients. Some may attribute this so-called "cost-benefit" omission due to its archaic business model of highly leveraged, in-experienced and/or non-professionally licensed team of "tax consultants" performing the bulk of the work, often unable to fully investigate or identify, from a technical tax perspective, such opportunities.

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Flexible Deliverable Workproduct

Our uniquely client specific, comprehensive tax incentive study and defense deliverable distinguishes our unmatched project efficiency, compared to other tax providers, specific to your business and personal tax situation.

Many traditional tax consulting practices churn out highly generic, boilerplate tax incentive studies and audit defense responses. They often omit necessary documentation gathering, fail to establish nexus between the facts, its calculation models, and the U.S. tax code, simply to ensure more consistent higher profit-margin returns. AndreTaxCo views this approach as short-sighted, and not in anyone's best interest long-term. 

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Strategic Coaching

Each project engagement performed has established goals and objectives, based on industry and geographic benchmarking, combined with consistent reporting and up-to-date project status tracking. Our comprehensive review helps ensure any impending issue(s) is fully resolved in maximizing all available tax benefits with efficiency and confidence. Through AndreTaxCo's strategic coaching, our goal is to help your business prepare, calculate, and defend its tax saving claims through our support, or eventually through your own internal team.

Establishing a transparent and consistent framework for AndreTaxCo clients through developing long-lasting relationships is our sole objective. As your company grows, we aim to do the same, right by your side. However, if there comes a point you may be better served by a different provider, we're happy to offer recommendations among other trusted advisers, better suited to support your evolving tax needs. 

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