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Tax Incentives: Software & Technology Companies

Software & Technology Industries

Many software and technology development businesses are often unaware of whether they qualify for certain government tax incentive programs, or they may believe that such programs do not apply to their companies. Even those that are aware often fail to capture the full extent of tax credits to which they are entitled.

For example, many taxpayers mistakenly believe only specially trained engineers designing innovative and/or uniquely revolutionary patented products or processes are qualified research activities to claim the R&D tax credit under the U.S. tax code. Although patent applications and approval are highly persuasive support for qualified activities for the R&D tax credit, it is not a required prerequisite for qualification. Moreover, other collaborative employees and expenses outside of traditional engineering and development employees may also qualify for the R&D tax credit.

Below outlines various federal tax incentives which may be applicable to your business as a cash saving benefit and/or refund opportunity. If any of these credits appear relevant to your business, let AndreTaxCo help you claim the credits that you deserve!

Research and Development Credits 

Hiring Credits & Incentives

Low-Income / Targeted Geographical Zone Credits

Business Benefit Plan Credits

Note, many of these listed federal credit incentives have comparable state tax incentives that are often substantially similar to calculate or claim, subject to state specific procedural rules and regulations.

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