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Partnership Opportunities: Tax Specialist Support

Offer Tax Incentives & Exam Support Services to Clients with AndreTaxCo by Your Side!

AndreTaxCo can complement your current client services through its highly technical and experienced tax incentive services and defense consulting. AndreTaxCo offers federal and state tax incentive and audit defense services for individual taxpayers, small businesses, and professional tax firms and/or return preparers regarding various tax controversy issues.

AndreTaxCo prides itself on providing transparency, timeliness, and flexibility to help foster your client relationships and provide additional value to their businesses and individual tax needs. Below outlines some of the many benefits through leveraging AndreTaxCo to service your clients' needs and provide additional value.

  • Offers New Revenue Stream. AndreTaxCo allows tax preparation firms to offer a new service to their clients without any additional work.

  • Access to Specialized Tax Professional(s). Clients will have access to AndreTaxCo's experienced audit expertise and specialized representation skills, in collaboration with your firms CPAs, enrolled agents, or attorneys, will ensure maximum value and efficient resolution of any tax issue under controversy. 

  • Flexibility in Service Engagements & Fee Arrangements. AndreTaxCo offers flexible cost containment arrangements for both tax preparers and their clients to resolve any audit or notice issue allowable. AndreTaxCo's primary goal is to provide maximum savings to its clients to help foster long term relationships and committed client services.

  • Allows Tax Professionals to Focus on Profitable Aspects of their Business. Audits can be long, cumbersome, and expensive. However, AndreTaxCo can help alleviate some of these burdens and enable your professionals to focus on their specific skill sets and higher margin services without wasting valuable time on tax incentives and examination defense support.

  • Helps Avoid Conflicts of Interest / Independence (i.e. Circular 230) Issues. If a tax return comes under scrutiny, AndreTaxCo works as a cost-effective tax intermediary service provider so your client(s) receive superior audit representation, without your firm and/or tax professionals potentially violating Circular 230 or other state specific laws and/or regulations.

    • Circular 230 §10.29(a) ​provides a “conflict of interest” exists if: (1) The representation of one client will be directly adverse to another client; or (2) There is a significant risk that the representation of one or more clients will be materially limited by the practitioner’s responsibilities to another client, a former client or a third person, or by a personal interest of the practitioner.

    • Circular 230 §10.29(b) provided an exception to the rule under §10.29(a) in situations in which the following three elements are established: (1) The practitioner reasonably believes that he or she will be able to provide competent and diligent representation to each client; (2) Such representation is not prohibited by law; and (3) Each client gives informed consent, confirmed in writing (within a reasonable period after the informed consent, but generally no later than 30 days after the date the conflict is known by the practitioner)​

  • Potential Conflict of Interest Examples:

    • Providing attestation services; 

      • Such engagement may materially limit the ability of such CPAs and their firms to provide federal tax advocacy services for the client under Section 10.29(a)(2), and there may be significant risk that the representation of the client in federal tax advocacy matters will be materially limited by the personal interest of the practitioner or his or her firm due to the independence requirement of the attest engagement.

    • Simultaneously representing multiple clients with direct adverse interests;

      • Acting as an advocate in one federal tax matter against another client interests that is directly adverse may create a conflict of interest. For example, spouses who are jointly liable with respect to a tax liability, but one spouse may have defenses to the detriment of the other spouse (e.g. innocent spouse defense). 

      • Representing the seller of a business in negotiations with the buyer, who is also a client.

      • Providing federal tax services to several individuals seeking to form a joint venture may limit your ability to recommend or advocate all possible positions for each client without impairing your integrity or objectivity.

    • ​Providing services to clients in the same industry;

    • Advising the client to invest in a business in which a member your CPA firm has a financial interest; or

    • Providing forensic investigation services to a client in anticipation of litigation against another CPA firm client.

AndreTaxCo provides access to highly experienced audit defense professional services and will handle any audit or notice that a tax preparers’ client receives from the time it is reported until it’s resolution. AndreTaxCo provides greater engagement flexibility and fee structures than its competitors. AndreTaxCo offers its audit defense service for individual taxpayers, small and large businesses, and professional tax preparers, throughout the United States. 

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