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Tax Services: Credit Incentives & Controversy Dispute Resolution

Tax Services Summary

AndreTaxCo will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your company’s activities and eligibility to claim available federal and/or state tax incentives (e.g. R&D tax credits) for current cash refunds, future tax savings, and greater returns for both your business and shareholders. We offer both on-site tax credit studies in order to thoroughly understand and document your company’s facilities and operations, interview key personnel to pinpoint and capture all relevant activities and costs, or virtual consultation depending on your situation and reasonableness to maximize cost-effectiveness.

As part of our tax incentive engagement with you, AndreTaxCo will guide you through the rules surrounding specific credit calculations and documentation requirements, and will help you to apply them to your company's unique facts and circumstances. AndreTaxCo will also assist you in filing the necessary tax forms to claim the credits both at the federal and state levels, as applicable.

For example, the R&D tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar income tax credit available to companies that engage in qualifying research and development activities in the U.S., which is commonly unclaimed by many small businesses. Relatively recent changes in the law, such as the IRS’s removal of the “discovery test” and new alternative simplified calculation methodologies, payroll tax offset opportunities, along with recent court rulings have enhanced businesses’ ability to obtain and maximize this credit.

AndreTaxCo also specializes in teaming with businesses, individuals, their attorneys and accountants to satisfy unresolved tax disputes with federal, state and local jurisdictions. AndreTaxCo employs extensive experience in selecting the strategies that are essential in obtaining the most favorable results.

Tax Credit & Incentive Services 
  • Federal and/or State Tax Law & Accounting Research Services (Feasibility & Assessment) 

  • Gathering of Qualitative Documentation & Analysis 

  • Quantitative Data Modeling

  • Workproduct Deliverable

  • R&D Tax Credit & Other Incentive Claims (including prior year amending opportunities)​

  • Refundable and/or Payroll Offset Tax Credit Claims

Tax Controversy Resolution Services​
  • Tax Credit & Incentive Examination Defense & Dispute Resolution 

    • Examination; Information Documentation Requests (IDR); Appeals; and Alternative Dispute Resolution (e.g. Fast Track Mediation); etc.

  • General Examination Resolution Services

    • Audit Protection & Representation; Currently-Not-Collectible Status; Dealing with the IRS; Installment Plans; IRS Tax Discharge / Expiration; Levy Release / Tax Lien Removal; Offer-In-Compromise; Payroll Tax Debt Relief; Penalty Abatement; and State Tax Issues​; etc.

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