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Tax Controversy & Resolution: Tax Consultation

Tax Consultation

Whether facing a potential IRS or state collection action, tax refund opportunities, or questions on future tax implications, AndreTaxCo can provide you tax consultation to help organize your best course of action in order to save you time and resources, so you can instead focus on maximizing your business operations. By making the decision to receive tax consultation from AndreTaxCo, we will provide expert tax advice, guidance and representation in order to efficiently resolve various IRS or state collection actions on your behalf.


Our tax resolution strategy has a proven track record of success in helping businesses and people, in similar situations. Through tax consultation with AndreTaxCo you’ll receive in-depth tax expertise with experience assisting small businesses, start-ups, pre-IPO, and largely publicly traded companies in private services and public accounting. 

Benefits of Tax Consultation

Below are some of the benefits of utilizing AndreTaxCo tax consultation when dealing with the IRS and/or state taxing authorities:

  • Specialized Tax Expertise

    • AndreTaxCo offers a unique combination of specialized services on various tax strategies including workpaper computation support (excel modeling), documentation (contract and technical documentation compiling), qualitative tax positions (tax law and/or accounting research), and IRS mediation.

  • ​Transparent, Leaner, Efficient

    • Many tax firm service providers (i.e. boutique tax / engineering firms, "Big Four" public accounting firms, law firms, etc.) are able to advise on very specific areas regarding tax implications and defense. And often due to overly robust and excess infrastructure, their fees and overhead lead to higher fee arrangements with inexperienced leveraged staff. Moreover, they are often unable to advise on all areas required (tax law interpretation, workpaper preparation, or technical documentation review) simultaneously to support and defend your position, unless you agree to additional fees for possible out of scope services.
    • AndreTaxCo will advise, service, and support all areas from the qualitative and qualitative perspective to substantiate your tax position, and avoid the headache of engaging multiple service providers. In addition, AndreTaxCo mitigates unnecessary overhead expenses through leveraging virtual platforms, software tools, and remote services to provide our services with more value at more competitive rates.

  • IRS / State Taxing Authority Negotiation

    • AndreTaxCo understands the importance of avoiding the cumbersome and high costs of tax court, and settling IRS and state taxation issues quickly at low expense, is critical to our clients.

    • AndreTaxCo's intimate knowledge of IRS objectives, publications, and stances on developing tax issues is an important tool when it comes to both knowing what the IRS or state will try to do and how best to handle each situation.

  • Personal Attention

    • AndreTaxCo prides itself on diligently and zealously advocating your tax strategy. AndreTaxCo will  work closely with you to understand your unique issues.

AndreTaxCo Tax Consultation Talking Points

Some of the service offerings AndreTaxCo may discuss with you during your tax consultation include:

  • Federal & State tax credit and incentive opportunities

  • Federal & State tax return amending opportunities and cash refund potential

  • Representation before IRS auditors and revenue officers

  • Removing tax liens

  • Removing tax levies

  • Preventing the seizure of assets

  • Ending wage garnishment

  • Setting up installment plans

  • Negotiating offers-in-compromise

  • Filing overdue tax returns

  • Client specific tax planning

Your tax consultation will answer any questions, including IRS or state collection processes. If you’d like more information about how we can address your individual tax situation, get a tax consultation from AndreTaxCo today!

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