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Tax Credit & Incentives Services: Calculation, Documentation, Audit Protection

Tax Credit & Incentive Services Background

AndreTaxCo provides a detailed and well-documented tax credit process, based upon extensive IRS and/or state taxing authority audit experience pursuant to authoritative tax precedence and IRS publications to ensure a high quality deliverable.


AndreTaxCo utilizes industry best practices following current tax law and standards in consideration of publicized IRS and applicable state audit techniques guidelines. We use a developed client specific approach to best serve each client's position and provide optimal solutions for every business situation, facts, and circumstances.

Generally, AndreTaxCo's credit & incentive services approach includes the following phases:

Phase 1 – Feasibility & Assessment

- Review your business and tax needs based on preliminary questionnaires, scoping discussions, and review of client workpapers

- Host follow-up meeting(s) to review findings and discuss any additional questions 

Phase 2 – Proposal and Presentation

- Prepare and present client specific eligible benefits, documentation approach, and methodology based on Phase 1 findings

- Issue engagement proposal 

Phase 3 – Gathering of Documentation and Analysis

- Obtain relevant documents

- Interview employee(s)

- Investigate company processes and products and/or on-site visit of facility to evaluate qualified activities

- Analyze data & calculate applicable federal and/or state tax credit(s) and incentive(s)

Phase 4 – Presentation of Findings

- Present federal and/or state credit(s) and incentive(s) deliverable and discuss any questions 

- Provide methodology memo and/or procedural recommendations to streamline and enhance future engagements 

Phase 5 – Audit Protection

- General audit level protection included in study regarding Federal or State taxing authority Information Documentation Request (IDR). Note, additional and/or specific documentation may be requested dependent upon the inquiring tax agent 

- If specific tax incentive claims are not supported by sufficient support (e.g. engineering documentation, contract agreements, CAD models, test reports, etc.), this may create additional risk exposure upon exam

- As such, we offer supplemental audit defense and contract review dependent upon your tax situation and as agreed within our Scope of Services

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