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Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

Tax Controversy Resolution​ & Defense Services


IRS audits, examinations, collections processes, and the related penalties and consequences that come with tax controversy and substantiation can be challenging issues to resolve, especially without expertise tax consultation.

However, AndreTaxCo can provide you experienced tax resolution advice, guidance and representation needed to successfully resolve the IRS and/or state taxing authority inquiries or findings. AndreTaxCo is available to efficiently resolve your tax issues through consultation, representation, and diligent advocacy.

Below are examples of the tax resolution options available through AndreTaxCo:

Generally, AndreTaxCo's Tax Controversy services approach includes the following phases:

Phase 1 – Pre-audit Dispute Prevention

- Assisting in due-diligence to identify tax audit and controversy risks and exposures to build defense strategies.

- Once risks are identified, develop and execute procedures to mitigate your risk.

- Pro-actively negotiating with the tax authorities at the pre-audit stage to achieve greater certainty regarding tax resolution options and penalty protection.

- Host follow-up calls to review findings and discuss any additional questions. 

Phase 2 – Audit Management

- Support you in managing and responding to investigations, audits, and examinations initiated by federal and/or state revenue authorities as agreed. This may include audit management related to information requests, document production, informal and formal interviews of company personnel, and coordinating facility operation investigations.

- AndreTaxCo may also assist in audit level presentations, negotiations, and settlement discussions in order to resolve disputes efficiently during mediation.

Phase 3 – Post-audit Dispute Resolution

- If your tax dispute is not resolved during mediation, we can provide you consultation and recommendations with referral tax litigation practices to further defend and represent your tax position beyond the scope of AndreTaxCo's services.

If you have additional questions about the IRS and/or state examination or collection process, or would like more information about how AndreTaxCo can assist with your IRS tax issues, contact AndreTaxCo today!

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