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Digital / Programmatic Marketing companies may be eligible for R&D tax credits for performing qualified research activities. For example, the following activities may be eligible for R&D tax credits:

  • Developing new and/or improved software for tracking, monitoring and optimizing marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Developing new and/or improved algorithms for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search campaigns or advertising campaigns

  • Designing new and/or improved databases to enhance efficiency, speed, or user functionality

  • Developing new and/or improved technical data collection processes 

  • Developing or integration new and/or improved Client Relationship Management (CRM) software 

  • Designing new and/or improved business intelligence algorithms to improve functionality, accuracy, or reliability

  • Developing new and/or improved Real Time Bidding (RTB) technical solutions including efficiency scaling, prediction mechanism(s), ad fraud detection, or bid optimization

  • Developing new and/or improved advanced advertising workflows using various programming languages (e.g. Java, Erlang, Python, or JavaScript)

  • Designing new and/or improved Private Marketplaces (PMP), Deal Discovery, Header Bidding Line Item and Real Time Guaranteed software solutions

  • Designing high-performance, distributed, low-latency systems capable of delivering billions of ad impressions per day.

  • Collaborating with engineering and product teams across multiple locations.

  • Evaluating and testing software developments to improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of servers and processes                

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