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Mining, drilling & engineering companies may be eligible for R&D tax credits for performing qualified research activities. For example, the following activities may be eligible for R&D tax credits:

  • Performing technical research on new and/or improved spoil pile technologies to assist waste removal procedures

  • Developing new and/or improved smelting/converting technologies (e.g. heat extraction methodologies)

  • Developing new and/or improved Flash converting/off-gas handling to reduce off-gas volumes and operational costs 

  • Developing new and/or improved overland conveyor tube technology

  • Designing new and/or improved hydrometallurgic plant facilitieis and integrating embedded technology / equipment

  • Designing new and/or improved dragline evaluation techniques

  • Designing new and/or improved material handling & feed drying

  • Designing new and/or improved high-wall mining processes

  • Designing new and/or improved matte handling and grinding

  • Designing new and/or improved coal washing processes

  • Evaluating new and/or improved crib support systems being integrated into existing processes

  • Integrating new and/or improved software associating with collaborative engineering and mining technologies

  • Testing experimental stolarzic horizon control systems

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