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Plastics & Rubber manufacturing companies may be eligible for R&D tax credits for performing qualified research activities. For example, the following activities may be eligible for R&D tax credits:

  • Performing technical research on new and/or improved material applications (enhanced elasticity, material cost reduction, etc.) 

  • Performing technical research on environmental and temperature analysis on new and/or improved products or processes

  • Performing technical research on injection time analysis

  • Developing new and/or improved plastic-extrusion processes (e.g. mixing original and re-cycled plastic materials for injection-molding)

  • Developing new and/or improved high-durometer rubber compounds 

  • Developing new and/or improved biodegradable plastic compounds 

  • Designing, prototyping, fabricating and/or testing new and/or improved molds and tooling

  • Designing new and/or improved engineering or manufacturing processes

  • Designing new and/or improved polymer formulate compounds or processes 

  • Integrating new and/or improved machinery or equipment to enhance engineering or manufacturing processes

  • Evaluating new and/or improved products or processes through quality assurance analysis, (e.g. dimension specific review, visual inspections, non-destructive / destructive testing, leak testing)

  • Testing and evaluation of cavity balance analysis on new and/or improved product or processes

  • Testing first article prototype runs by engineers, tool makers, production supervisors, and operators

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