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Printing technology (e.g. inkjets, embedded software) companies may be eligible for R&D tax credits for performing qualified research activities. For example, the following activities may be eligible for R&D tax credits:

  • Developing new and/or improved printing process speed, throughput, print resolution, color quality and accuracy, and other printing process parameters.

  • Designing and developing new and/or improved high-resolution single-sheet inkjet printing system to permit the system to print on continuously-fed paper media

  • Designing new and/or improved machinery and performing experimental validation analysis (e.g. water-based v. solvent-based chemical inks)

  • Designing new and/or improved computer-based control and monitoring systems (e.g. hardware, software) 

  • Experimenting new and/or improved prototypes and processes to develop print media, inks and other materials.

  • Testing experimental prototypes and evaluation to meet design specifications or requirements (e.g. speed, resolution operation costs)

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