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Tax Incentives & Audit Defense Services
Tax Credit Incentive Services & Tax Controversy Resolution 

AndreTaxCo specializes in assisting our clients with federal & state tax credit incentives. Our mission is to help our clients attain maximum federal and state tax credit savings, while providing technical tax law and accounting support, documentation substantiation, and audit protection defense.

AndreTaxCo generally provides no-cost assessments to establish whether or not our client’s activities, investments, and expense efforts meet the qualifying criteria to help claim current, prior year tax incentive refund omissions, and future year cash savings.

Our Experience

AndreTaxCo has extensive experience working alongside company executives, CPAs, engineers, lawyers, and various tax professionals to assist in identifying and capturing the maximum federal and state incentives for our clients at both the business entity and shareholder levels, throughout the United States. 

AndreTaxCo prides itself as one of the top tax credit and incentive advisers with extensive experience working alongside public accounting firms, regional accounting practices, law firms, the IRS, and state taxing authorities. AndreTaxCo's licensed professional and technical tax expertise allow AndreTaxCo to provide a wide range of comprehensive, integrated tax solutions to our clients.

AndreTaxCo delivers a wide range of value-add and cost-effective credit incentives studies and exam protection services to our clients.

Our Client Industries
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